CNBC: Fiscal Discipline Takes All the Fun Out of Football

Stress tests aren’t just for tottering European banks or the U.S. financial system circa May 2009. CNBC reports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and chief financial officer Anthony Nato have asked the league’s owners to subject their organizations to similar checks to ensure they can survive a worst-case scenario like a players’ strike.

According to CNBC, “some people” think this has put a severe crimp in the league’s style:

Some people are said to be unhappy about this conservative approach and have nicknamed the NFL the “no fun league” as a result.

We’re pretty sure we’ve heard the “no fun league” epithet before learning of Goodell’s fiscal conservatism. Contra CNBC, here are some actually plausible reasons why “some people” might reasonably call the league “no fun”:

No Tweeting

No Tweeting by proxy

No impersonating rum icon Captain Morgan

No snow angels

No sex tapes

Rigorous accounting is not fun, but given the choice between the “fun” of teams plunging heedlessly into a financially uncertain future and the actual fun of allowing players to celebrate their touchdowns with snow angels, we’ll take the snow angels every time.

CNBC: Fiscal Discipline Takes All the Fun Out of Football