Curbed National Out for World Domination

curbed national 0 Curbed National Out for World DominationAs you’re sitting down to your Reuben or Caesar salad today, allow the Real Estate Desk to direct you to some new lunchtime reading–after you’ve finished everything at, of course–Curbed National.

Maybe grab a drink while you’re at it. “I’ve been telling people it’s like Architectural Digest after a three-martini lunch,” Curbed Network founder Lockhart Steele said during a phone interview from his Cooper Square headquarters.

“I’m sort of thinking the site–the Curbeds really had an obsession with real estate porn,” Mr. Steele said. “And Curbed National’s really going to look on the inside of the world of design, to the world of interior designers. The site is really about the indoors, as opposed to the local Curbed sites, which are about the outdoors.”

And that’s not it. After a shaky 2009, the Curbed Network is having a banner year: it launched Eater National last fall and Racked National earlier this year, so now the trifecta is complete. But there’s even more to come, as a Curbed Chicago is due by next month and Curbed Miami is hoping to break ground by year’s end.

UPDATE: More from Mr. Steele.

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