David Koch Unseats Bloomberg as Richest Man in New York

Forbes released its annual list of the 400 richest Americans last night, and the two New Yorkers in the top ten have swapped positions. David Koch, the billionaire right-wing Tea Party benefactor, has seen his fortune increase to a hefty $21.5 billion, placing him fifth on the list. Bloomberg’s riches increased as well — from $17.5 billion to $18 billion — but only enough to secure him the list’s tenth slot.

In keeping with last year, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet held the number one and two spots, respectively. 

Other New Yorkers who earned spots on the Forbes list include Si Newhouse and Rupert Murdoch — who are tied at 28 — Ralph Lauren at 60, and Donald Trump staying modest at number 153.

Perhaps with the extra cash David Koch can give more money to NOVA, the PBS science show that he helps bankroll. Hey, the kids have to be convinced of the non-existence of global warming somehow.