Eliot Engel Asks State G.O.P: Why Are Carl’s Comments OK?

alg cox Eliot Engel Asks State G.O.P: Why Are Carls Comments OK?Politico’s Maggie Haberman has been all over the story of Jim Russell, a Republican running for Congress in Westchester County who in 2001 penned an essay called “The Western Contribution to World History” for a magazine titled Occidental Quarterly in which he warns against the “proliferation” of Jews, tells parents to shield their children from “interracial contact,” and praises the work of a social scientist who studies the links between I.Q. and race.

Needless to say, when the G.O.P. got word of Russell’s writings, they quickly moved to have him removed from the ballot.

Now, Congressman Eliot Engel is out with a letter to G.O.P state chairman Ed Cox, wondering how the party can punish Russell yet promote Carl Paladino, who has defended both the comparison of Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver to Hitler and the comparison of the Obama Inauguration Reception to an African tribal dance.

“Why are you applying a different standard in Westchester County than you are statewide,” Engel writes.

We have reached out to the state G.O.P. and will update with a response when we hear one.

Engel’s full letter, and an interview with Russell last night, appear below.


Congressman Eliot L Engel

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