Elsewhere: Rangel: “God gave up” on Adam Clayton Powell IV

If he wins tomorrow, Rick Lazio will be in the red for the general election matchup with Andrew Cuomo.

Eric Schneiderman has to return $10,000 from the president of Extell Development Corp.

Dov Hikind is supporting Schneiderman. Martin Dilan is not.

Wayne Barrett took a look at Schneiderman’s financial disclosure report.

Mike Bloomberg’s national profile has expanded.

Charlie Rangel on Adam Clayton Powell: “I think he’s a nice fellow, used to be a nice young man. And I think God has really blessed him with his dad’s good’s looks, his dad’s name, and then God gave up on him.”

Powell sees a big victory

Mike Bloomberg, poet.

The public blames the MTA, not politicians, for transit mess.

New York is crucial to G.O.P’s hopes to take back the House.

And so the G.O.P is targeting Long Island Reps. Tim Bishop and Carolyn McCarthy

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