Newsweek Staunches the Flow of Talent with Blogger Mickey Kaus

Yesterday Newsweek managing editor Dan Klaidman announced that Mickey Kaus, late of Slate, will take up blogging for He’s not exatly Howard Fineman talent, but he blogs twice to three times per day!

“Basically I write about what I feel strongly about, which is the blog’s strength and also its weakness,” Kaus said. “I don’t try to cover every topic. Readers know I won’t waste their time unless I think I have something to add.”

“We’re thrilled that ‘kausfiles’ is coming to,” said Newsweek Managing Editor Dan Klaidman. “Mickey’s original voice and evidence-based analysis will inspire many and, no doubt, irritate others. But his ability to intelligently challenge the conventional wisdom will provoke everyone who reads him to think in new ways about politics and policy.” (via)