Enough With the DVF: Model Wears $10 Tourist Tee

Yesterday, the Odd Molly show at The Studio at Lincoln Center featured some elaborate outfits, such as long dresses accentuated by frills and tattered gloves, among many other complicated looks. Obviously labored over for a while, it was a high-end approximation of what Parisian street urchans would have worn in a Victor Hugo novel. And when coupled with a Sean Lennon-fronted band, the whole show was a nice late-Fashion Week treat.

But we were most taken by an shirt that one of the Odd Molly models changed into after the show. And we weren’t taken with it because it was expensive, or daring, or made by a famous designer. Rather, we liked it because it was none of these things (It’s been a long week, OK?). Instead, her top won us over because it was dirt cheap, ultra tacky, stupid and, in the end, wonderful: a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “NEW YORK FUCKIN CITY.”

We recognized Ruby-Jean Wilson from across the plaza after spotting the distinctive pink streak in her hair — a trademark of the show we had just come out of. It didn’t hurt that a mob of photographers hovered around her as she sauntered toward the street, fumbling with her lighter and pack of cigarettes. Nothing out of the ordinary there — you can’t walk anywhere near the tents without bumping into a model with an entourage. But what caught our eye was that t-shirt, a shirt that rises to a giddy level of kitsch that we haven’t experienced in what seems like months, even if it’s only been 8 days.

“I got it from a tourist shop!” the Scottish-English model told The Observer, having finally fended off the horde of snap-happy cameramen. “In Times Square, somewhere. And then I cut it!”

She had cut it — it plunged down her neck way, way farther than these shirts usually do. (Thank God this sort of a cut is rare, as these types of shirts are usually worn by people with far less flattering figures than Ms. Wilson’s.)

We told her how much we liked the look! Why, you ask? Because after a week of pricy parties for clothes you’d have to mortgage your house for, it was great to see a model rocking something so unabashedly trashy and dumb without even the faintest twinge of irony. 

Again, please forgive us for this. It’s been a very, very long week, and this shirt brought us back to the reality of clothes that actual people wear. Well, actual tourists, that is.

Enough With the DVF: Model Wears $10 Tourist Tee