Eye Opener: Mosque Debate Time Out, Morning Show Business

Obama plans major business tax break, which means Wall Street will certainly love him now. [WSJ]

New poll shows New Yorkers like Bloomberg, but not as much as they like term limits. [NYT]

Samantha Ronson is extremely short-tempered when DJing in the Hamptons, apparently. [NYP]

Meanwhile, the Today Show is actively courting Lindsay Lohan’s first post-jail interview, a scared straight tactic for its hardened, thuggish viewers. [NYDN]

But Stephanopoulos had the big get, landing an interview with the president, who perhaps doesn’t know he’s on Good Morning America now. [Politico]

The Times closes the book on E.B. White’s willow tree. [NYT]

The Journal‘s Saturday lifestyle section will essentially be Domino, part two. [WWD]

Gov. Paterson asks for a time out from our increasingly uncivil mosque debate. [NYDN]

But at least it’s not this bad: David Petraeus has had to condemn a Florida group that plans to burn Qurans on 9/11. [WSJ]