Florida Pastor to Counter Mosque with '9/11 Christian Center'

Plenty of conservatives have made loud remarks about the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, but Bill Keller — a Florida televangelist who hosts the online ministry Live Prayer, and who confusingly shares a name with the executive editor of The New York Times — has done the impossible. He’s managed to somehow inspire rage from both the pro-mosque camp and the anti-mosque camp. The pastor has announced plans to build a 9/11 Christian Center as a foil to the Park51 center, with his first sermon to be delivered this Sunday.

The Daily News reports that even those fighting for the mosque’s relocation think he’ll do more harm than good. “This guy is going to justify all the people who call us bigots and racists for opposing the mosque,” said Andy Sullivan, who is not the popular Atlantic writer with a blog called The Daily Dish. Instead, Andy Sullivan is a construction worker who started a “Hard Hat Pledge” to get the mosque moved and blogged about it. 

Only a truly radical agenda can have the mosque’s opponents thinking it’s gone too far, and Keller has managed to pull it off. How did he do it, exactly? Well, he does have the correct background, having earned a degree from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University while doing time for insider trading. He even takes Glenn Beck to town on his WordPress for not being tough enough on those worship “FALSE GODS” other than the “TRUE JESUS.” Plus, the shameless contradiction from the Daily News story can’t hurt.

“The center is there to bring hope and to help people,” Keller said Thursday. “It’s not designed to be a place where we preach against Islam, although we will preach against Islam and Mormonism and any other false religion.”

To preach against Islam or not preach against Islam. Make up your mind, Bill Keller!

Florida Pastor to Counter Mosque with '9/11 Christian Center'