For Your Listening Pleasure: The Mayor’s Charlie Rangel Robo-Call

This morning the Daily News had the story that Mayor Bloomberg will voice his support for Charlie Rangel via recorded telephone message. This afternoon, we received an MP3 of that message, ahead of its Sunday air date. It’s available at the top of this post.

“This is Mayor Mike Bloomberg urging you to vote for Congressman Charlie Rangel,” the call begins. The message’s content was largely covered by the Daily News, with the mayor talking up Rangel’s bringing stimulus money to the city and work to “ensure affordable housing for working families,” but we’re not in Rangel’s district and were curious what it sounded like.

Rangel seems to be taking no chances in his primary race against Adam Clayton Powell. The Times spotted him pressing the flesh on the Upper West Side Tuesday and Maggie Haberman reported this afternoon that Bill Clinton will also record a robo-call for the Congressman.