Former National Lampoon CEO Goes to Jail

Daniel Laikin, the former chief executive of comedy movie maker and ugly website proprietor National Lampoon, has been sentenced to just under four years in prison for conspiring to pump up his company’s stock price, Bloomberg reports.

Despite his upcoming trip to the clink, Bloomberg says the 48-year-old Laikin is still sitting on more than a million dollars, much to the chagrin of Assistant U.S. Attorney Derek Cohen. In court, Cohen pointed out that Laikin’s mansion has served as a shooting location for ABC reality show “The Bachelor.”

Bloomberg, which helpfully points out that National Lampoon “made the 1978 fraternity comedy ‘Animal House'” and “the ‘Vacation’ movies starring Chevy Chase,” says that Laikin ran afoul of the law by bribing people to talk up the stock price. (We’ll further point out that National Lampoon is the company behind “Disco Beaver From Outer Space” and “Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo.”) In addition to his 45-year prison term, Laikin is also sentenced to pay a $100,000 fine and can never again run a publicly traded company.

And Cohen can take heart in the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission is still pursuing civil claims. Laikin may not remain a millionaire much longer.