Friday Morning Roundup: How Many Jobs Did We Lose in August?

• At 8:30 a.m., the Department of Labor tells us just how many jobs we as a nation lost in August. The folks on Wall Street expect America to have lost somewhere around 100,000 jobs, marking a third straight month of labor-market shrinkage. [Calculated Risk]

• Companies that make ATMs and otherwise provide financial infrastructure to banks (and bodegas) could be attractive targets for private equity buyouts. [Reuters]

• Harrisburg, Penn., edged closer to bankruptcy Thursday by warning that, even after looking under the sofa cushions, it couldn’t find the money to pay back $3.3 million in general obligation bonds. [DealBook]

• BP is saying that the Gulf oil spill has so far cost it $8 billion, and that oil hasn’t leaked out of the offending Macondo well since July 15. [WSJ]

• In an economy that simply refuses to grow fast enough, employers are reducing the range of benefits they offer and transferring more costs onto employees. That’s too bad for employees, because health care costs keep rising. [Washington Post]