Gay Talese Loves Sully Sullenberger

0918talese Gay Talese Loves Sully SullenbergerGay Talese spoke to “packed crowd of newspaper enthusiasts” at Indiana University last night. The Herald-Times was on the scene.

Mr. Talese told anyone in the audience that if they want to be a journalist they ought to toss out their computers and hit the pavement. He still uses a typewriter and writes notes on carboard scraps from his dry cleaning. “What I do is actually old-fashioned journalism. It’s being there. It’s hanging out, doing serious research,” Mr. Talese said.

He’s also said he’s a big fan of captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. “People who become known for what they are in moments of great jeopardy,” he said. “That’s great stuff!”

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