HackNY, Group That Steers Students Toward Start-Up Life, Prepares to Announce Second Fellowship Round

HackNY, the organization founded earlier this year to encourage gifted math and computer science students to join tech start-ups instead of taking boring banking jobs, will announce their second batch of fellows at an all-night hackathon taking place at N.Y.U. on October 9th.

HackNY, which is run by N.Y.U. professor Evan Korth, Columbia professor Chris Wiggins, and bit.ly scientist Hilary Mason, worked with 12 college students this past summer, setting them up with internships at start-ups around New York, providing a weekly stipend, and giving them free housing at N.Y.U. The idea is to expose kids to the joys of start-up life– come to work in sandals!– so that they’ll think twice about accepting lucrative offers from huge corporate firms when recruiting season comes. The organization represents an effort to strengthen ties between computer science and applied math departments in the New York area and start-ups here, which usually don’t have the resources to compete for the best graduates and often aren’t even on their radar when they’re deciding where to work. As Mr. Korth told the Wall Street Journal at the beginning of the summer, “I don’t want to just feed my kids to the wolves.”