Hold your nose and vote…

Progressive Democrats, who have not been shy in expressing their disappointment in U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-3rd) will nevertheless support the anti-Obamacare incumbent, fearing that the alternative is likely worse.

In an email sent Monday, the Progressive Democrats of New Jersey, who howled when Adler voted against the president’s healthcare initiative, accusing the freshman representative of pandering to the Tea Party conservatives in the district, say Adler is in need of support in his reelection bid against Republican John Runyan.  Losing his seat, considered vulnerable due to its traditional Republican leanings, is a worse fate than having a turncoat in their midst, the progressives say.

“I fully appreciate the disappointment expressed to me, about John’s performance, seeming to have lost his once very progressive edge, but with the up coming redistricting, based on the census of the state, there is good reason to believe New Jersey will loose one congressional district [from 13 down to 12] , so we can not afford to loose this Congressional seat,” said the email from State Coordinator Joanne O’Neill.  “Believe me, I am the last person to suggest you hold your nose and vote, but we need to keep John Adler and work to get more Democrats elected to the House in NJ, especially in light there are rumblings of the Republicans considering Christi (sic) for a 2012 Presidential run. Ugh ! .”

Lacey Township Democratic Municipal Chairman Barry Bendar challenged Adler in a June primary, campaigning under the banner Progressive Democrat for Congress and saying Adler’s healthcare vote was his reason for running.