In Deed! Wall Street Writer Buys at 141 Fifth, Limbaugh's Penthouse Hits City Records

— Screenwriter Allan Loeb penned the soon-to-be released Michael Douglas sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and it looks like he’s taking his own advice, spending those insomniac bucks on a luxe unit at the newly renovated 141 Fifth Avenue. The former bank building, whose copper-topped cupola penthouse lingers on the market for $12 million, has welcomed other well-known residents in recent months, such as actress Melissa George, Burger King former CEO Bradley Blum, and Halston honcho Bonnie Takhar. Mr. Loeb also wrote the end-of-summer Jennifer Aniston/Jason Bateman bust, The Switch, which was originally titled The Baster–let’s hope that wasn’t Mr. Loeb’s suggestion.

— In other news, city records confirm last week’s Wall Street Journal reports that Rush Limbaugh‘s tastefully muraled penthouse at 1049 Fifth Avenue has sold for $11.75 million (a steep shave off its original $13.95 million asking price) to an LLC-shielded, Florida-based buyer.