In New Memoir, Blair Calls Iraq War a 'Mistake'


In quotes from his memoir A Journey printed in today’s Daily Telegraphformer British PM Tony Blair discusses his somewhat Hitch-esque liquor intake — ”Stiff whisky or G&T before dinner, couple of glasses of wine or even half a bottle with it” — his feelings toward successor Gordon Brown and his country’s involvement in the Iraq War. The quotes about the latter subject come in the wake of President Obama’s declaration that the seven years of combat in Iraq have come to an end.

I am unable to satisfy the desire even of some of my supporters, who would like me to say: it was a mistake but one made in good faith. Friends opposed to the war think I’m being obstinate; others, less friendly, think I’m delusional. To both I may say: keep an open mind.

A Journey comes on today in the U.K. and tomorrow in the U.S.