In Other News…: Giuliani Ventures into “Total Tool” Territory

-Sukkah it to me! Union Square becomes home to artistic Sukkot creations. 

-Do Not Put These On Your Feet, Christian Louboutin Edition. For the woman who wants the comfort of 6-inch stilettos paired with the effortless Americana style of golf shoe fringe.

-Giuliani is scheduled to make an appearance at an establishment called “Total Tool.” He’s making it too easy for us.

-Enough about Don Hill’s. It’s so last week. Here are five more nightclubs to gladhand your way into.

-Catfish has arrived. It’s a documentary in which a photo taken for the New York Sun appears to play an important role. Coming soon: Catfish 2, a heartwarming look at a decoupageist’s attempt to shellac her entire apartment with recipes taken from back issues of Gourmet.

-Art world Cliffs Notes: shows to see this fall