In Other News…: Kevin Bacon, Made Out of Bacon

Behold, a Kevin Bacon statue made out of…BACON! We demand a Mia Hamm statue made out of Hamm. And then a companion Jon Hamm ham statue. And then an entire meat museum built next to Madame Tussaud’s. Lady Gaga’s meat dress needs a  new home.

Times’ columnists before-and-after hot-or-not slideshow. Spoiler warning: Maureen Dowd repurposes her old one. Boo. 

A dude in Staten Island started selling fake Haagen-Dazs. Then he got sued. Oopzs. 

– Are you in the market for a 37-inch long replica of the Lusitania? It’s your lucky day! Forbes is selling off the remainder of their figurine collection. 

– Why does Martha Stewart’s Halloween costume look like a cross between David Bowie in Labyrinth and Marie Antoinette?