In Other News…: Patrick McMullan Gives Bill Keller Proverbial Middle Finger

– If you look at one thing today, let it be this. Patrick McMullan a) doesn’t know who Bill Keller is and b) misspells Arthur Sulzberger’s name. It’s genius.

So, apparently the Titanic was sunk by human error. Nice try. We’ve seen Titanic enough times to know it was HUBRIS, plain and simple, that brought that baby down. 

There are a bunch of people named Sarah Palin who aren’t grandmother to Tripp and pseudo-mother-in-law to hunky Playgirl models. Sucks to be them.

Do not put this bag on your arm, leather and metal carwash edition. 

– This is just cool. Art blogger Paddy Johnson is raising money to make “a DJ Battle Record which pits the sounds of art works exhibited in Manhattan (Side A) against those in Brooklyn (Side B).”