In Other News…: The $1 Million Advent Calendar

%name In Other News...: The $1 Million Advent CalendarSoon we will have vending machines here that dispense…wait for it…GOLD. Particularly useful for those of us whose landlords prefer to be paid in bullion. 

– What’s that you say? Your parents didn’t invent a secret deity called the Advent Elf who filled your advent calendar with trinkets each day? Oh…ours either. Right. Well, anyway, there’s now an advent calendar that costs a cool $1 mill, designed by–who else–Porsche.

Naveen Selvadurai of Foursquare fame gives us a close reading of a vintage Lady Gaga pic. All is right in the world. 

The MTA is installing fancy-schmancy new intercoms or some nonsense. Are they magic intercoms that make the F run consistently on weekends? No? Didn’t think so. 

The old lady from Titanic died at age 100. She was awesome.

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