Introducing PureWow, a Thrillist for the Cougar Set

Bob Pittman, who helped develop popular email lists like Daily Candy and Thrillist, will Launch PureWow today, an email list for women over 35. It’s going to be quick, actionable info for the cougar on the go.

“These women are starved for information, but they don’t need to be bothered with too much,” Mr. Pittman told The Wall Street Journal. “The kiss of death is when you get an email or find something on the web and someone says, ‘I’ll read it later.'”

The brand will launch with a party at the R Lounge in Times Square this evening. Whoopi Goldberg and Candice Bergen will appear as representatives of the trendy, older woman PureWow hopes to connect with.

Those are two classy ladies, to be sure. But they are also kind of strange representatives for an email targeting women “over 35”. Golberg is 54 and Bergen is 64. Basically PureWow is saying, once you pass 35, it’s like you’re already golden.