It's New York Times Night at The Open

In case you didn’t know (and really, how couldn’t you?) today was Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Day at the Open! But that’s not all: Tonight is New York Times Night!

What exactly does that mean? Will Bill Keller, Arthur Suzlberger, Janet Robinon and Jill Abramson be occupying seats in a suite?

The paper will receive a “certain number of tickets,” said a spokeswoman. No doubt they’re being handed out to generous advertisers, but what about some high-ranking Times folk?

Sadly: “No, they won’t be there,” said Diane McNulty, the spokeswoman. Not even the Times‘ official tennis tweeter–i.e., their Magazine Editor–will be around to participate in the celebration.

So what do we get from Times night? There will be “two giveaways in the stadium — gift bags that will include a $25 gift card for use at the Open, a six-month weekender subscription to The Times, tickets to TimesTalks, tennis balls,” said the spokeswoman. Two fans tonight: you have no idea how good your night is about to be.

Also: “They’ll also run a 10-second promo video for The Times on the jumbotron a couple of times,” she wrote.

This hopefully will encourage more people to show up at the Times kiosk (see photo) that’s near Court 11.

A spokeswoman would not comment when asked if tonight’s ceremony would include Kim Clijsters or Andy Roddick burning copies of The Wall Street Journal.

We’ve asked the Journal how they could tolerate the Times‘ dominance (market penetration!) at the Open. We’ll update when we have a reaction.



It's New York Times Night at The Open