Janice Min and ‘The Others’ Invade The Hollywood Reporter, Don’t Make Friends

Sharon Waxman posted her third in a series of columns about how Janice Min, her competition, is destroying The Hollywood Reporter and, in general, being the meanest editor ever.

There is a rift between Ms. Min’s new hires and the existing staff. “The alienation has become so severe that the legacy staff have a secret name for the new team: ‘The Others,’ according to several insiders,” Ms. Waxman wrote on The Wrap last night.

Other things heard by Ms. Waxman: Ms. Min doesn’t speak to the “legacy staff” or even look them in the eye; Ms. Min hasn’t introduced herself to important people on staff; and Ms. Min makes all “important editorial decisions” with her team and then emails whoever is in charge of executing them.

Even if all of this is true, none of it is surprising or weird. Ms. Waxman’s sources seem to be staffers who don’t like what Ms. Min is doing or haven’t had facetime with her yet. She can’t be blamed for not introducing herself to all of the existing staff when some of them are clearly complaining behind her back to the competition. And the part about emailing out her headlines — which, according to some, are ruining THR — isn’t that weird considering she’s been brought in to change the newspaper and probably doesn’t have time to quibble over the details. Given her track record with Us Weekly, she deserves the chance to make her changes without having to make friends first.