Jason Schwartzman’s New Yorker iPad Appvertisement

This morning The New Yorker unveiled its iPad app with a flashy advertisement starring Jason Schwartzman, directed by his cousin Roman Coppola and produced by Condé Nast’s iPad man Scott Dadich. Mr. Schwartzman sleeps with the app, showers with the app, lies naked on the sofa with the app and jumps into a swimming pool with the app. He also brags that the app makes it easier to just read the cartoons.

The New Yorker costs $4.99 on the iPad, one dollar less than a newsstand copy, and additional issues are available for purchase within the app for the same price (the “within the app” part points to one area of contention between publishers and Apple, which would like to control subscription sales). The app has also launched with attractive space for advertisers, like a minute-long American Express interview with Geoffrey Canada.

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