Jets Fans Get Gadgets To Improve the View

Jets fans will have the option to watch a lot more than just the game on the field this season. The team has wired the stadium for FanVision, a new handheld gadget that lets users view instant replays, multiple angles and live feeds of other games from around the league.

The device is the brainchild of the Dolphins billionaire owner Stephen Ross, who made FanVision available to all N.F.L. teams this season with the league’s approval. Twelve squads have decided to test the device, including the Jets. The Giants declined, preferring to work on a cell phone app with one of their stadium sponsors, Verizon.

FanVision has some big advantages over a cell phone. Besides a larger screen it also uses its own spectrum, so service is far more dependable than over a cellular network. If you leave the game early to beat the traffic you can keep watching on your FanVision at least part of the way home.

A few lucky club seat members got the device for free, but fans who feel they would enjoy the game more while toggling between replays, fantasy stats and the Red Zone will have to shell out $200.