Letterman Hosts Bloomberg, Manages To Avoid Short Jokes [VIDEO]

Mayor Michael Bloomberg made an appearance on “Late Night With David Letterman” last night to talk about changes in the city, his immense wealth, and the Ground Zero Mosque.

Letterman, who has made more than a few jokes at Bloomberg’s expense over the years–mostly over his height–managed to be pretty restrained.

According to the DN’s Adam Lisberg, Letterman asked the mayor, “How did you get so damn rich? “I saw a thing today where — it’s probably embarrassing — you’re like the 10th-wealthiest person in the world or something?”

“That’s not embarrassing,” Bloomberg replied. “Try it sometime. You’ll like it.”A

As for the Ground Zero Mosque, Bloomberg defended the developers right to build by noting that there are “adult bars” closer to the WTC than the Park51 would be.

Asked Letterman, “Where are these adult bars?”