Morning Read: Carl in Charge

Democrats will focus not on Carl Paladino’s message, but on Carl Paladino.

Paladino on Cuomo: “Just carrying around this air about him. This entitlement. And I noticed it first when I was watching him on the newsreels.”

Also: “I promise you, I will take down Little Ricky, and after that, I will take out Prince Andrew.”

And: “I’m just not embarrassable.”

Are we too quick to write him off?

David Paterson says that with winning, Carl Paladino must assume more responsibility.

Paladino won even in moderate Dutchess County.

“He is a giant killer in the biggest victory I have seen in 40 years of politics,” Councilman G. Oliver Koppell said of Gustavo Rivera.

Nick Confessore looks at Schneiderman vs. Donovan.

A big night for Sarah Palin.

Most of the members of the board of directors at a non-profit run by Vito Lopez don’t know what the non-profit does

Michelle Obama says being first lady is “hell.”

9/11 first responders went to D.C. with Bloomberg to push for the 9/11 health bill.

Lincoln Restler declares victory.

Mike McMahon is leading a faction in Congress that wants to temporarily preserve the Bush tax cuts.


Morning Read: Carl in Charge