Morning Read: Worst Instincts Edition

Kirsten Gillibrand has spent more than $3 million in the last two months on her re-election bid

The Times calls out Carl Paladino, Rick Lazio, and Rudy Giuliani for “playing to people’s worst instincts.”

A payroll tax holiday may be coming

The DN says voters in Harlem are embarrassed.

New Yorkers want the Islamic Center moved, according to a Times poll.

The U.S. is suing Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio for violating immigrant’s civil rights.

More on Grimm/Allegretti medal flap.

Pedro Espada: “They’re an invading army coming in and leasing someone in the community to do their bidding, and the people of this district see it for what it is.”

Shelly Silver owns stock in 30 companies with business before the state.

Why won’t Bloomberg become Treasury Secretary? “Would you want to give up being mayor so you could sit in your office and have Rahm Emanuel’s assistant tell you not to say something?”

Democrats for Education Reform endorsed Basil Smikle.

Gov. Paterson is frustrated with the Indian cigarette tax delays.

Rick Lazio holds a 12 point lead over Carl Paladino.

A candidate in a key state Senate race was busted for menacing his girlfriend.




Morning Read: Worst Instincts Edition