New York Trending on Twitter

We’d like to interrupt your working day with the news that New Yorkers waste more time on social media than almost any other city in the country.

New Yorkers came in first for Twitter use on this map of social media use by Oxford Communications. In overall time spent on social media, New York came in third, ahead of Boston, but behind San Jose, City Room notes with a sniff. Unsurprisingly, the top users of Facebook and Twitter dwell in the tech-savvy Bay area.

Of course, it’s no surprise that where we live affects how we use media — from basic factors like age and income, to the ease with which New Yorkers can blame the subway for a lack of cell-phone reception. This also fits nicely with The Observer’s recent observation that there’s an “epidemic of flakiness” sweeping New York, in which communication has become so effortless that it’s made the timing and location of social engagements pliable until the very last moment.

But the takeaway from this survey (and a recent Vincos map of worldwide media use) is that while we used to spend our time online in different ways, now it doesn’t matter much what city you live in. We’re all wasting most of our time on Facebook.