No Invitations? Head Downtown!

A whisper of advice for would-be Fashion Week show-crashers: judging from the line for the elevator at Milk Studios last night, it’s probably best to skip Lincoln Center altogether and head down to 15th Street instead. Milk had five separate presentations planned for 7 p.m. on their 8th floor, and when we arrived around 7:10, the line had begun to snake around the first-floor gallery (currently on display: photos by Marc Jacobs). We checked in for the Billy Reid show–for which we did have an invitation, thank you very much–but it seemed not to matter; all it took to get upstairs was the patience to wait for the elevator. It’s worth it–there are treasures to be found in the eighth-floor pandemonium, including a fully stocked espresso bar, swag bags, and plenty of alcohol. We also espied CNN correspondent Alina Cho, who looked radiant with her normally no-nonsense-newscaster hair done in graceful curls.

The next heavy-duty time for Milk is today at 3 p.m., when there will be four shows on the eighth floor, including Julian Louie and George Esquivel–but you didn’t hear it from us!