One of the Koch Brothers Chips In For Cox on Long Island

William Koch of the newly-famous Koch Brothers–profiled recently in both New York and the New Yorker–chipped in for Long Island congressional candidate Chris Cox yesterday, according to an FEC filing.

Koch isn’t as politically active as his brothers Charles and David–who have helped establish a number of conservatives group and are helping bankroll the Tea Party movement–but he is a frequent donor to Republican causes, and apparently saw fit to give Cox the individual maximum of $2,400.

As the grandson of Richard Nixon and the son of state party chairman Ed Cox, Chris has deep ties to the Republican establishment. But he’s also counting on support from Long Island Tea Partiers to help him win a bitter three-way primary against Randy Altschuler and George Demos.

In a release this morning, Cox trumpeted the fact that he raised $103,000 this period–nearly double that of Altschuler. But he also burned through more than $689,000, leaving him only $251,000 for the stretch run to primary day. (And that’s with a million dollar loan to his own campaign.)

“I don’t think it shows Cox has any support,” said Rob Ryan, a spokesman for Altschuler, who only raised $57,000 this period, but has a whopping $1.3 million on hand (thanks, in part, to a prior $1.5 million loan). “What you care about is the cash on hand and Randy is beating him by over a million dollars. Randy has a broad base of support.”

For his part, Demos raised $33,000 and has $118,000 on hand.


One of the Koch Brothers Chips In For Cox on Long Island