Our Favorite Pairings from the Tommy Hilfiger Front Row

Tommy Hilfiger spared no expense for his 25th-anniversary show yesterday; the invitations were notably elaborate, the runway was flanked by Astroturf, and even the run-of-show lists were printed on heavy-duty paperboard. (And that afterparty, at the Met Opera? We’ll get to that later.) It paid off, at least if you measure success by front-row attendance: there were so many celebrities in the VIP section that some of them had to share seats. Some of the more inspired seatmate assignments included Neil Patrick Harris and Christina Hendricks, on the far end; Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez, right next to them; Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, who could remain safely attached at the hip; Rebecca Romijn and Jason Lewis, who had the best reactions of anyone; and Kristen Bell and Kidada Lewis.

Despite all these worthy contenders, though, The Observer‘s award for best seat pairing at the Tommy Hilfiger show goes to Anna Wintour and Amare Stoudemire, who chatted like old pals. Even though he hunched over, The Observer estimates that Mr. Stoudemire is roughly three times Ms. Wintour’s size.