Page Six, Trump and Fashion Night Out: Wozniacki’s New York Makeover

Caroline Wozniacki is two steps away from the women’s final, and it looks more and more that her 2010 Open run is turning her into a bona fide star.

Let’s review. Last year, Wozniacki, a little known Dane, made it all the way to the Finals but didn’t exactly look the part of a star. She wore some sort beige dust ruffle number, and went drinking in the grounds with the commoners after her quarterfinals win last year. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but not precisely befitting of a star.

This year? She has come in with a tiny Stella McCartney dress, which has already been the topic of much discussion. She invivted Donald Trump to sit in her player’s box for Monday’s match against Sharapova (he did). She made it into Page Six today. And she spent her night off last night–usually a time for a movie, deep concentration, relaxation–going to the Fashion Night Out party! Also, she has picked up at least 4,900 followers on Twitter in the last 48 hours.

If Wozniacki makes it to the Final, and Venus knocks off Clijsters, we’ve got a chance to have a real ratings-getting on Saturday night, and if Wozniacki defeats Venus, watch out.