Project Runway’s Diana Eng Makes Clothes From the Future

Eng embeds many of her designs with adjustable LED lights. In some cases these are connected to microphones and light up in patterns that match the beat of music in the area. Warning: for dancers with no rhythm, this will only make things worse.

A cameo surrounded with electroluminescent wire. Eng crafted the design, then made the entire cameo with the help of her 3-D printer. My printer barely works in two dimensions.

There's nothing worse than a bulky outfit when you're navigating a crowded party. Check out the next slide to see Eng's solutuion.



These fans allow you to control the inflatible dress. Also, air conditioning for your ass.

This dress is kinda like Rick James. A decent effect by day... (next slide!)


...but after dark is a whole different story.


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elwirecoatdougeng Project Runways Diana Eng Makes Clothes From the FutureDiana Eng, a hi-tech designer and Project Runway alum, makes outfits that would work in Brooklyn or in Blade Runner.

Eng will be having her own runway show this Saturday as part of the first ever NY Maker Faire, an event dedicated to inventors, hackers and mad tinkerers of all types.

For a peek at what we’ll all be wearing in 2020 check out some of Eng’s designs here > 

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