Putting All Those Endorsements To Use

Eric Schneiderman is out with an ad that finally answer the question: what does one do with all of those endorsements?

Here, the Washington Heights senator gets the gang of electeds who have endorsed him to stump in front of the camera, and it’s a whole rainbow of prime Democratic voters: African-Americans Carl McCall and Bill Thompson, Jews like Jerry Nadler and Scott Stringer, Hispanics like Jose Serrano, and women like Christine Quinn and Betsy Gotbaum. But it is worth noting as well that this ad tilts heavily towards Manhattan.

The campaign did not make details of the ad buy public, but one well-placed source with a rival campaign says that most of the ad time between now and the 14th is bought up on the networks.

And stay tuned until the end when 2013 mayoral hopefuls Quinn and Thompson stand shoulder to shoulder.