Rand Paul Operative Caught Trolling Progressive Blog

Thomas Kubica, a paid intern working for Senate candidate Rand Paul, has been caught “concern trolling” no less than the Daily Kos, the 800-ton gorilla of progressive blogs. Concern trolls are Internet forum users who post messages or comments that appear to support one point of view when in fact they support the opposite viewpoint. Kubica was outed earlier today by Daily Kos as user “Huey Long.”

“Long” posted blog entries on Kos that appeared to skewer Rand Paul’s Democratic opponent in the Kentucky race for the Senate, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway–from an allegedly progressive point of view.

Kubica’s attempted psych op did not, to say the least, impress an unabashedly liberal site like Kos:

It goes without saying that Kubica, as a concern troll, is unwelcome at Daily Kos. Daily Kos is a progressive community and its community membership are united by the goal of electing more and better Democrats to public office. While we are tolerant of a wide range of views within the “Big Blue Tent,” make no mistake: this site is every bit as blue as it is orange. If Kubica had identified his role with his campaign, he would not have been welcome in the community, so he resorted to deception. Now that we know who he is, he’s been banned, per community guidelines.

“Plumbers” burgling an office at Watergate it ain’t, but it is at least just one more surreal development in what has already been one of the stranger Senate races in the country.


Rand Paul Operative Caught Trolling Progressive Blog