Reshma Robos, Mails Against Maloney

Reshma Saujani is out with a new piece of mail and a new robo-call that whacks Carolyn Maloney for holding a fundraiser with a financial lobbyist while Congress was debating FinReg.

The robo says:

Hi my name is Alicia and I am fed up with corruption in New York politics. You may have received mail from Carolyn Maloney attacking Reshma Saujani, and claiming that Reshma is distorting her record. Well I think you should get the facts for yourself. Maloney compromised her ethics and held fundraisers with financial lobbyists while negotiating financial reform, and then lied to us about it. Go to the to find out the truth. New York needs new leadership, not more of the same.

The campaign is portraying this as a defensive move, after Maloney sent out a mailer accusing Reshma of running a “negative” and “dishonest” campaign.

Says Reshma spokesman James Allen, “It’s disingenuous for Carolyn Maloney to accuse Reshma of negative and dishonest campaigning by sending negative and dishonest mailers to voters. Maloney’s campaign has not disputed the fact that the Congresswoman held a fundraiser at the home of a financial services lobbyist while negotiating financial reform.  Voters should know about these ethics transgressions — and we’ll continue to make them aware of Maloney’s questionable conduct.”






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Reshma Robos, Mails Against Maloney