Rice Has $2.8 Million for the Home Stretch

Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice has $2.8 million dollars to spend in the last two weeks of the primary campaign for attorney general, according to her latest filing.

Rice raised about $280,000 in the three weeks since the last filing, padding the more than $4 million dollars she had on hand last month. She spent about $1.9 million since then, with most of it going toward her television ads, which have been up for a couple weeks now.

The war chest will allow Rice to spend more on television airtime than her rivals–with the possible exception of self-funder Sean Coffey–as voters (maybe?) wake up from their summer slumber, and start paying attention to the race.

“Our strategy from the start has been to conserve our resources for the days when voters are paying most attention,” said Jeffrey Stein, DA Rice’s campaign manager in a statement. “We have already been on television for more than two weeks and because the District Attorney has run such an efficient and cost-effective campaign, we expect to be able to cut through the clutter of campaign’s final ten days and share the District Attorney’s vision for this office with Democrats across the state.”