Ring My Bell: Maria Bartiromo to Teach a Class at N.Y.U.

CNBC Closing Bell host Maria Bartiromo is teaching a class at New York University’s Stern School of Business this fall, according to Bess Levin. The class is called “Global Markets and Normative Frameworks,” and she’s co-teaching with Ripplewood Holdings CEO Tim Collins.

Ms. Bartiromo grew up in Brooklyn and studied at N.Y.U. herself. In those days she worked as a teller at an Off-Track Betting location. “It’s probably subconscious,”Ms. Bartiromo told Vanity Fairs John Helpiern in an interview for the this month’s issue, “but the O.T.B.’s urgent pace and dealing with money all day could have planted the seed for wanting to report from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.”

Working at O.T.B. probably also prepared Ms. Bartiromo to handle N.Y.U. business students who don’t know how to take a B+ on the chin.

The class meets on Tuesday evenings this fall. Ms. Levin reports that the class filled up in 10 minutes.