Rupert Writes a Job Recommendation For His Friend Michael

Well, not really.

But both the Journal and the Post ran major items today suggesting that Mayor Bloomberg may have a future in the Obama administration. Is Obama Wooing Bloomberg for Treasury Secretary? asked Gawker.

Both pieces focused on the mayor’s recent golf game with the president on Martha’s Vineyard and both note the mayor’s stated disinterest in any White House position. “It’s not unusual for the president and cabinet officials to talk with the mayor of the most populous city in the country,” the Journal admits, though the piece still notes the possible political benefits from an association with Bloomberg.

Page Six led with the suggestion that Bloomberg replace Geithner, and—as if it was fantasy-casting the dullest movie ever— went so far as to suggest that Diana Taylor might be nominated to FDIC chair. “Obama’s looking to do something bold and credible before the election,” said their unnamed source.

In these suggestions there’s an element of the “blame Geithner” sentiment that’s been inexplicably popular in conservativsm these days, but it bears mentioning that the mayor is fairly close with Rupert Murdoch. The mayor spoke at the Greater New York launch and before his third campaign he sought the Post‘s support via Murdoch. Most recently, the two appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss immigration reform.

So the subtext is hard to read. But both pieces are more enjoyable to read through the lens of their growing friendship, which, needless to say we’ll continue to watch closely.

Rupert Writes a Job Recommendation For His Friend Michael