Saujani: I Might Not Vote

Much hay is being made of the aftermath of the Maloney/Saujani debate today, specifically Maloney scampering away from reporters and Saujani telling the press that she is not sure if she will vote for Carolyn Maloney in the general election. Both candidates appear to really not care for one another at this point in the campaign, so afterwards when Saujani was asked to imagine actually pulling the lever for Maloney if she defeats  her in the September primary, it seemed like a bridge too far. Saujani’s campaign is already pushing back, sending out a release soon after Saujani made the statement that says simply, “Reshma will vote a straight Democratic ticket on November 2nd no matter the outcome of the primary.”

Saujani was also said that even if she loses, she is planning on picking up right where she left off and running again in 2012. She said that her campaign had no polls that showed the race to be close, but she said that she thought that by running such an aggressive campaign against her, Carolyn Maloney must believe the race to be tight as well

Regardless, here is video of Saujani saying that she may not vote: