Schneiderman Claims Victory with $380k, Has $1.3 Million

State Senator Eric Schneiderman will have $1.3 million for the final stretch of the attorney general primary, after raising $380,000 this period and loaning himself another $250,000.

Schneiderman’s campaign is claiming victory for raising the most money–about $100,000 more than rival Kathleen Rice–in the three weeks since the last filing, the first time he has outraised her. (The release also pointed out that 38 percent of individual donations came from women.)

“We are gratified by the outpouring of support Eric Schneiderman is amassing from New Yorkers all across the state,” said Schneiderman campaign spokesman James Freedland in the release. “With by far the deepest and broadest coalition of progressive activists and grassroots leaders, the best ground game, and plenty of resources, Eric Schneiderman is in an excellent position to win this race.”

Rice banked a sizable $4 million dollars in July, which continues to give her a significant financial edge. Both campaigns spent more than $1.5 million this cycle, but Rice has $2.8 million in cash on hand, compared to Schneiderman’s $1.3 million.

That means Schneiderman won’t have quite as much airtime to push his Times endorsement, but the senator is clearly counting on the weight of that endorsement, along with a coalition of labor unions and reliable Democratic voting blocs, to help make up the difference at the polls.

Schneiderman Claims Victory with $380k, Has $1.3 Million