September 27, 2010: Tom Anderson donates 100 million free MySpace accounts to the Newark school system

September  27,  2010:  Tom Anderson donates 100 million free MySpace accounts to the Newark school system

Not to be outdone by his cross town rivals at Facebook, Tom Anderson, one of the original founders of MySpace, pledged to donate over 100 million free MySpace accounts to each of the students in the New York school system.

“This is a wonderful day for the students of Newark,” said Anderson, “This way they can hook up with each other and they can concentrate on their studies of current events like the legal problems of Lindsay Lohan or what kind of meat Lady GaGa is wearing to the Grammys.”

On board for the presentation was former Newark Mayor Sharpe James and former TV host Jerry Springer.

“You can’t fix schools by throwing money at a problem. The hundred million dollars that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook gave to the city school system won’t help fight off a rival gang in MafiaWars or find a lost cow in FarmVille,” said Jerry Springer.

Anderson, in fact, had been looking to do something big in education. “I have no doubt if I hadn’t been given those opportunities, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to build MySpace  and give away these free accounts.”

Why did he become interested in Booker — and Newark?

“I just thought, this is the guy I want to invest in,” Anderson said. “This is a person who can create change.”

And to think it all began with a chance meeting on FaceBook. “Anderson and I have been friends on Facebook for about three years,” said Mayor Booker, “I  had been ‘poking’ him for years… if it weren’t for that social networking site, this might’ve never happened. The next thing I’m working on right now is a free Yahoo e-mail account for every resident of Newark.”