Soup for Sale! Newspapers Follow Newsmagazines’ Lead Towards Guaranteeing Ads

Tearing a sheet out of the magazine sales book, newspapers will begin guaranteeing certain marketers an increase in sales based on advertising in print. According to The New York Times, the Newspaper National Network will offer marketers of packaged goods — Dayquil, Febreze, Progresso Soup, fortified waters — free advertising space if a series of ads doesn’t boost sales volume by 10 percent.

After two years of testing, it looks like the newspapers will be able to reach the 10 percent mark regularly. The idea is that marketers will feel more comfortable paying for ads. One marketing executive told The Times that it will be good for newspapers to have “skin in the game.”

Time Inc. announced a new undertaking in the spring called the “Alliance for Magazine Accountability,” a new program to guarantee quantifiable returns on their placements. If a certain number of surveyed readers don’t remember the ad, there’s a discount. The strategy was pioneered by the Little Engine That Could of the newsweekly world, The Week.

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