Splitsider is Live

Splitsider, the first of two sites to spin-off from The Awl, went live this afternoon.

“Gawker was a great gig, but it feels really good to be doing my own thing now,” wrote Adam Frucci, the site’s editor, in an email to the Media Mob this afternoon. Mr. Frucci left Gizmodo, a Gawker Media blog, to launch the site as part of The Awl Network. The Awl was co-founded by former Gawker editors, too.

We asked Mr. Frucci how he would find a balance on the blog between covering news about comedy and just posting things that are funny (there is a mix of both on the site now). “The sweet spot is news about comedy that people are actually interested in, so not getting too granular,” he wrote. “I want to be able to cover the big news that comedy fans are interested in while also showcasing the best comedy videos, articles and other things published every day.”

Mr. Frucci, who will be relying on a host of contributors and columnists to help fill the site, said that he has been working from his “home office in Brooklyn, the same place I wrote for Gizmodo from.”

Welcome to Splitsider [Splitsider]

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Splitsider is Live