State Democratic Chairman Donates to Rice

Jay Jacobs, the chairman of the State Democratic Committee, donated $5,000 to Kathleen Rice’s bid for attorney general, according to a 24-hour disclosure report.

It’s tempting to read the donation from Jacobs as a subtle sign of Andrew Cuomo’s support for Rice–since the committee often acts as an unofficial extension of Cuomo’s campaign and the current attorney general is still being coy on who he wants to succeed him. (At the Democratic convention in May, it was Jacobs who decided to put all five candidates on the ballot, a move that satisfied The New York Times and some upstate chairmen, but was also widely seen as benefiting Rice, by crowding the field behind her with four male challengers.)

But Jacobs also chairs his local Nassau County Democratic Committee, which helped get Rice elected as district attorney in 2005 after decades of Republican control–one of the accomplishments he lists on his official bio. An assistant for Jacobs said he was out of the office in observance of Rosh Hashanah.

In recent filings, Rice has held a considerable financial advantage, and the 24-hour reports–which require disclosing donations of $1,000 or more–show money is continuing to roll in. She filed 11 donations yesterday–including a $50,000 whopper from hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller–along with 11 the day before. Rice is hoping her extra resources can help overcome a late surge by state Senator Eric Schneiderman–who has been targeted by the other candidates in recent debates–and Sean Coffey, who is spending quite a bit of his own money to pick off upstate and outer borough voters.