Taiwan’s Next Media Releases Computer Animation Version of NYT v. WSJ Battle

Taiwan’s forward-thinking Next Media Animation has affixed its CG gaze on the war between The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal for the city’s readers. And, thanks to the unsurprisingly fantastic result of the effort, everybody wins.

The clip may only last a minute and thirty seconds, but still manages to fit in scenes with a shark-finned Rupert Murdoch swimming up to the Statue of Liberty, Pinch Sulzberger blasting money out of a cannon with a sombrero-clad Carlos Slim, and a supremely bizarre West Side Story-esque finger-snapping dance-off between the two publications. 

The animated tale ends with a voiceover informing us that, apparently, more New Yorkers are turning to the internet to get their news. The computerized action they decide to show us during this narration is perhaps a metaphor: there’s a bird defecating on the print editions of both papers, which are used as a carpet for its cage.

Like we said. With videos like this, everybody wins.