The Coyotes of Westchester County

The bed bug’s dominance over the scary nature news cycle has begun to wane, but don’t worry–looks like we’ll have coyotes to take up the slack. Police in Rye Brook killed a rabid coyote last Sunday. This was no charming but hapless rogue from the desert southwest searching out eternally elusive roadrunner meat–the coyote managed to get a piece of a 14-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl before it was done. Westchester County officials tested the coyote for rabies due to the animal’s unusual behavior.

My Fox NY notes that as recently as July a cop took a shot at a coyote spotted in a Yonkers public park, but after a series of attacks in June, they’ve begun to look like a real problem in Westchester. Coyotes may love their ACME products but they are usually afraid of people. If you see one you are advised to call the authorities. If your pet comes in contact with one, call health officials.