The First Rain Delay (Update)

It’s our first rain delay at the 2010 Open. Well, rain is an overstatement. Sprinkles, really. It’s no-umbrella rain. But there’s an across-the-board rain delay at the Open right now, and players have been pulled off their respective courts (that photo shows you Ashe, but Andy Murray isn’t playing there). John Isner is playing, and American wunderkind Ryan Harrison is in the fifth set of his match, down a break.

As we learned last year, even the slightest bit of rain can cancel play. With bands of rain expected throughout the day, we’re either going to have a very long delay, or several delays throughout the afternoon.

There’s nothing we like more than rain delay updates, so sit tight. We’ll walk you through it.

UPDATE, 2:54 PM:  Chair umpire Alison Lang is back in her seat at the Grandstand for the Harrison match. Ballboys are back. Chairs are out. Looks like we’re getting ready to play.

2:57: Play resumes on Ashe.

2:59: Harrison and Stakhovsky are warming up on the Grandstand. Murray is playing at Ashe and David Ferrer is warming up on Court 13. Rain Delay is over! A short one and it didn’t require any wiping down of the courts, either.

The First Rain Delay (Update)